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"Double-sided ink three-color electronic table board (Bluetooth NFC) -standby time> 8 months"

Product model: SP-K900

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Adopt EPD dot matrix electronic paper screen, double-sided display, vertical double-sided horizontal screen display with viewing angle close to 180, and the base body is integrated;
    2. Based on the transmission mode of mobile phone APP, NFC and Bluetooth, quickly modify the content of participants;
    3. The installation is simple, the venue can be quickly arranged, and the battery power supply does not require wiring;

  • 1. The screen is 7.5-inch three-color electronic ink screen, which can be displayed on both sides;
    2. Visible area: 161.0mm × 96.0;
    3. Resolution: 880*528;
    5. Grayscale degree: black, white and red 2 gray scale;
    6. Support Android mobile phone APP control;
    13. Battery life: built-in 2 No. 7 Nanfu dry batteries, full power use for more than 6 months
    14. Power consumption: screen brushing current 30mA, standby current below 0.1mA
    15. Chart transmission mode: NFC at the center of the display screen can be used to transmit the chart, and Bluetooth of the mobile phone can be used to transmit the chart. The Bluetooth distance is about 0-5m;
    10. Working temperature: 0 ℃ to35 ℃;
    12. Storage temperature:-25 ℃-60 ℃
    17. product size: 209.2*133.9*35.2mm
    9. Product weight: 250±5g

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