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"Smart Paperless 15.6-inch Touch Lifting Screen (Silver)-Built-in 5 million HD Camera"

Product model: SF-1000AC

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Intelligent paperless touch lifting screen, with intelligent paperless conference document management terminal host, to achieve a powerful paperless conference function;
    2.15.6-inch touch LCD screen, using 1920 × 1080 ultra-thin capacitive screen design, ultra-thin all-in-one machine, sandblasted silver appearance, aluminum chassis design;
    3. Using 5 million high-definition camera, USB high-speed connection, clear picture quality, easy to use
    4. Seamless, no backplane connection, one-piece presentation, beautiful and generous;
    5. Lifter desktop panel preset USB information interface, support document data import and export;
    6. The panel control switch adopts key switch, and the panel has the interface of rising, pausing, falling and multimedia conference terminal switch;
    7. The lifter supports hand-in-hand 232 control, software control and manual control, and is compatible with common operating systems. The lifter supports controlling the elevation angle of the display to be adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees, ensuring the best viewing angle and touch angle of the display;
    8. Support full-screen touch, which can realize sliding screen, dragging and zooming to view meeting data. The number of key touch points is more than 50000 times, and the reaction time is less than 10ms;
    9. The use of ultra-quiet motor design, set the power protection function, when the LCD screen rises after the automatic power supply;
    10. After the LCD screen drops, the power is automatically cut off, reducing power loss, energy saving and environmental protection;
    11. The control circuit board adopts the global advanced integrated intelligent identification chipset, the limit switch double protection, the best stability, the electronic circuit adopts the international EMC technical standard, safe and reliable;
    12. Product size: (it is recommended to use a hole opener);
    Panel size: length: 430mm, width: 70mm, thickness: 3mm
    Chassis size: length: 415mm, height: 562mm, thickness: 60mm
    13. Weight: 7.5KG (net weight);

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