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"Smart Paperless Conference Android Edition Projection Terminal-Built-in Android Projection Software"

Product model: SF-6000-TA

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Participants can project the lecture notes to the large screen of the conference room through this equipment, and project them after the secretary terminal manages them;
    2. The secretary of the meeting can also select promotional films and music for projection and broadcasting according to the requirements of the unit;
    3. Support the client to initiate synchronous demonstration operation, support synchronization to PC or notebook, support external large screen or projection device;
    4. Realize the content of the paperless conference host to be projected on the big screen to watch together;
    5. The uplink and downlink traffic is less than 1 K/s transmission rate;

    Technical parameters:
    1. Operating platform: Android;
    2. Output resolution: 1920*1080;
    3. Input interface: DC * 1, RJ45 * 1, USB2.0 * 2;
    5. Shell material: Anodized metal SGCC;
    6. Appearance size: 485*235*75;
    7. Color: Silver;
    8. Weight: 5KG;
    9. Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ DC12V/5A;
    10. Working temperature:-5~45 ℃;
    11. Storage temperature:-25~65 ℃;
    12. Working humidity: 10% ~ 95%;
    13. Storage humidity: 10% ~ 95% ";

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