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"AI Voice Transfer Text Service Software (Online Edition)-Supporting Conference System to Realize Role Separation and Synchronization of Conference Record Text and Speech" Hear1.0

Product name: "AI voice transfer text service software (online version) ---- The supporting conference system realizes role separation and synchronization of conference record text and speech" Product model: Hear1.0 Brand Name: RATTOP Device version number: V1.0

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  • In order to facilitate the meeting secretary (recorder) to record the speech process and content of each speaker of this meeting efficiently and comprehensively, and to quickly grasp the theme and core ideas of the meeting. Leituo speech recognition is combined with user needs in audio and video conferencing and paperless conferencing, and developed a language-to-text automatic recording speaker role separation storage technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of text transfer and storage during the conference.
    1. One-stop operation can realize real-time input, transcription, editing and export of conference voice into text, real-time recognition, conversion and translation into multiple national texts, and save in Word format. The accuracy rate of Windows online version can reach more than 97%.
    2. Accurate language-to-text recording of conference speakers: Relying on Leituo's digital speech microphone, text conversion is carried out on the languages of different speakers during the conference, and the roles of speakers are automatically recorded and stored separately.
    3. Some very common words can be uploaded to the recognition engine. When the words appear in the audio stream transcried in real time, the engine can recognize them to improve the recognition accuracy of professional words.
    4, for the context of semantic understanding, the intermediate results of intelligent error correction, to ensure accuracy.
    5. Realize millisecond recognition for audio streams and return text streams with timestamps to facilitate secondary development.
    6, the use of ultra-large-scale language model, intelligent prediction of context, to provide intelligent sentence and punctuation prediction.
    7. While collecting audio, continuously upload audio streams to the cloud, and the transfer service will return text results in real time. Can realize the synchronous display of text and sound.

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