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"(Xinchuang) Paperless Conference System Terminal Software V2.0 ---- SF-6000KH supporting system software, not sold separately"

Product model: SF-6000VS-CF

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Paperless conference system developed independently based on c language on the basic platform of computer Kirin operating system;
    2. Operating environment: based on CS architecture BS application, it can be connected to third-party software for cooperative operation (docking evaluation is required for confirmation), and the software interface resolution is 1920*1080;
    3, security and confidentiality: operating system password as the first level of security protection. At the beginning of the meeting, the participants enter the system to hold the meeting after entering the password. For important documents can be set to burn after reading;
    4. Supported paperless conference control application functions: including name import, conference sign-in (no sign-in can be set), personalized call service, initiation of the same screen, projection, viewing of conference information and participant information, conference minutes (word format), conference voting, online service, file distribution, electronic whiteboard (shared by multiple people), communication tips, and document import and export;
    5. Support synchronous demonstration (support multiple clients to annotate and save separately during synchronous demonstration, support synchronization to projection screen or other terminals), PC desktop sharing mode, external computer access (external pc desktop or video files can be synchronized to projection screen or other terminals);
    6. Support multi-channel and multi-window functions: remote video conference HD 1080P real-time video access (1-4 channels), support simultaneous playing of multiple stored video files (1-8 channels), and all video windows can be dragged, enlarged and reduced at will; The window is suspended on the top of the desktop, that is, watching videos or drawings while watching documents. The pictures and texts are illustrated to facilitate the participants to understand the contents of the meeting at multiple levels and channels and to study and judge the meeting materials efficiently;
    7. Support central control function: centralized control lifter lifting, closing and suspending, and restart of terminal software;
    8. Support the conference communication module: During the conference, participants can interact with each other in point-to-point text, voice, documents, etc., and can choose point-to-point, point-to-point and group sending. Language information is published on the desktop of the conference terminal, and only the corresponding participants can listen to it using Bluetooth headset. Text and documents are opened at the conference terminal for viewing;
    9. Support multi-conference management functions, support for holding different conferences in groups, support for multi-conference presetting, support for arranging different conferences in different conference rooms according to time in advance, and support for automatic switching of conferences according to time;
    10. Support function customization, docking with office OA system, UI interface customization, etc;

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