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Product model: WT-4802

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Quad-core 1.2G ARM Cotex-A9 processor, 64G solid state drive, 2G memory;
    2.12.1 inch capacitive touch screen, operation interface can be freely switched in English;
    3. Built-in UPS power supply, sudden power failure can also continue to use normally;
    4.2048 DMX channels, providing 4 optically isolated DMX512 output ports;
    5.Art-Net network expansion port, expandable 4096 channels;
    6. Support RDM two-way communication protocol;
    7. Provide software can directly use mobile phone or IPAD remote control console;
    8.10 playback push rods and 20 screen key actuators;
    9. Can store 600 scenes, each multi-step can store unlimited single step;
    10. Can control 800 lamps;
    11. Can store 200 lamp groups;
    12. Can store 1200 classification materials;
    13.200 programs can be stored;
    14. Can directly change the address code and direct conversion line and change the location of the lamp key;
    15. Built-in music player, to achieve a key light show;
    16. Each attribute of the lamp can be set up with independent time and curve operation, and there are 26 curve forms;
    17. Properties can be set freely time more flexible than the traditional overlapping function effect more soft;
    18. Property built-in effect can be left and right sliding selection;
    19. Built-in graphics can be set freely, and there are 26 fixed graphics;
    20. Reference to the entity lamp bitmap can be set freely on the console lamp bitmap;
    21. The lamp has three modes can be selected, can be restored to the reset mode;
    22. Color dialog box can intuitively control color mixing;
    23. The skill dialog box can easily realize matrix sorting;
    24. Enter the material can directly modify the position;
    25. The time when the effect is demonstrated can be freely modified;
    26. Scene mode can be selected to loop or play once;
    27. The built-in lamp library editor stores unlimited number of lamp libraries;
    28. Adopt imported keys, encoders and push rods;
    29. Accept standard MIDI control equipment, allowing multiple control stations to work in parallel in a master-slave manner;
    30.USB interface, can be used to save performance files, load lamp library and upgrade software;
    31. With RS232 interface, support the central control system docking;
    32. With electronic hard disk, providing performance program backup and operation data storage;

  • 1. Power supply: AC 100 -240V / 50-60Hz
    2. Net weight: 13.85KG
    3. Gross weight: 30KG
    4. Product size: 500*580*310mm
    5. packing size: 665*620*400mm

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