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"8 in 8 out Dante Digital Audio Matrix (with 4 in 4 out Dante)"

Product model: BS-6008DT

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.8 analog audio input 8 analog audio output, support microphone input and line input free switching
    2. With 4 channels dante network audio input and output
    3. Each microphone input with 9 levels of sensitivity adjustment 0-35dB gain, can match different types of microphone sensitivity;
    4. Each input with 48V phantom power switch, can drive all kinds of condenser microphone unit
    5. Each input with active feedback suppression function, two-gear adjustment
    6. With AUTOMIX shared gain type automatic mixer, each channel independent adjustment, there are 10 priority gears, adjustable slope and response time, to achieve between the microphone. The automatic switching between the microphone and the music signal and the music signal can also reduce the noise, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and reduce the howling phenomenon after turning on;
    7. Built-in powerful matrix mixing function, fully open architecture, free settings, each mixing can also independently adjust the mixing volume, matching gain is more convenient, intuitive view and debug signal routing;
    8. Built-in white noise. Pink noise. Sine wave three different test signal sound source, can be used as all kinds of system detection sound source;
    9. Input 31 PEQ, output 10 PEQ adjustable, with high and low racks and all-pass filters, input and output with 48-order high and low-pass frequency dividers, debugged parameters can be saved and copied to other channels independently, which is convenient to adjust the sound system in all directions.
    10. With video tracking control function, RS232/485 interface, support camera control PELCO-D/PELCO-P/VISCA and other protocols
    11.USB drive-free automatic connection software, in addition to support RS232 central control control 12. Support mobile phone APP TCON software network control
    13. Support 4-inch touch screen wire control
    14. Archive support boot file settings, can be set to automatically save all real-time debugging parameters, can also set the only boot state parameters to meet different system maintenance requirements
    15. Support GPIO
    16.Mconsole unified management, through USB/RS232/RS485/TCPIP multiple interface connection control equipment, TCPIP control port can also realize LAN remote. Multi-device control, multi-device synchronization parameters, parameters and other powerful functions
    17. Support central control instruction, software comes with central control protocol, can realize central control function through RS232/RS485/TCPIP

  • 1.信号处理:32-bit fixed/floating-point DSP 300MHz
    2. Audio system delay:< 1ms
    3. Digital to analog conversion: 24-bit
    4. Sampling rate: 48kHz
    5. Input channel: 8-way balanced input. Mic/line level
    6. Audio interface: 3.81mm Phoenix plug, 12-pin
    7. Input impedance: 11.5kΩ
    8. Maximum output level: 12dBu = 3.085Vrms
    9. Phantom power supply: 48VDC, 6.5mA, per channel configuration
    10. Output channel: 8-way balanced output, line level
    11. Output impedance: 150Ω

    12. Frequency response curve: 20Hz-20kHz(± 0.5dB)/Line
    20Hz-20kHz(± 1.5dB)/Mic,20dB gain
    13.THD N:-90dB(@12dBu,1kHz,A-wt)/Line
    -86dB(@-7dBu,1kHz,A-wt)/Mic,20dB gain
    14. SNR: 105dB(@ 12dBu,1kHz,A-wt)/Line
    95dB(@-7dBu,1kHz,A-wt)/Mic,20dB Gain
    15. Support USB interface, Micro-B type, no drive
    16. Support RS232 interface, serial communication
    17. With TCP/IP network port communication
    18. With indicator light display signal status (Power, Link, 48V, input and output audio signal)
    19. Power supply range AC100V---240V 50/60Hz
    20. Working temperature -20 ℃ -80 ℃
    21. Size (length * width * height) 483*210*44.5mm
    22. Net weight 2.8kg

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