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"32 digital mixer ---- 24 microphone inputs"

Product model: DG-32

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.7 inch 800*480 HD touch color screen, pure digital mixer;
    2. Support IOS system, WINDOWS system operation control, Chinese and English switch display interface;
    3.32 signal inputs (24 MIC, 2 stereo, 1 return, sound card/MP3 fiber);
    4.12 signal outputs (stereo main output, 8 marshalling outputs, 2 auxiliary outputs);
    5. Built-in sound card function, MP3, PC directly play music, to achieve lossless format playback;
    6. Built-in 4 DSP effectors, 4 parameter equalization, compressor, delay, phase;
    7. Input processing-input gain adjustment function, set pre-amplification, high and low pass filtering;
    8. Input channel sound and image balance adjustment, independent 48V phantom power supply;
    9. Built-in 3 9-segment graphic equalizer (can be arbitrarily inserted into 1-6 input channels);
    10.MIC input adopts digital gain adjustment, input and output EQ independent adjustment;
    11. Stereo return input, channel parameters fast copy function;
    12. Built-in multi-track multi-mode digital recording function;
    13. Double-row 3-color 12-segment level indicator, FX pedal switch interface, optical fiber input and output and other rich interfaces;
    14. Each channel is equipped with multi-function menu, mute button and monitor button. Each channel is equipped with 100MM electric pusher, signal lamp and peak lamp (9 pusher);
    15.4 quick scene call modes, 12 scene storage, user parameter storage and call, RS232 central control adjustment;
    16. Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment);
    17 product size (length, width and height):651*434*155MM;
    18. Net weight: 12.36, gross weight: 14.55KG;
    19. Outer packing size: 770*530*265MM;

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