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"24 digital mixer ---- 16 microphone inputs"

Product model: DG-24

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Combined with advanced design concepts, all-round design for users more convenient, fast and practical digital functions;
    2. Humanized design of non-curing Dante interface to facilitate users to choose whether to need ultra-long distance transmission;
    3. Adopt the main and standby chip technology to ensure that the equipment does not go down to the greatest extent;
    4. The microphone amplifier module adopts ASHLY series high quality amplifier circuit;
    5. Unique design of professional digital recording sound card, convenient for users to record through computer software;
    6. Through the combination of hardware and software design a key delivery function, users can quickly switch input and output;
    7. Using multi-function LCD screen, users can name each channel;
    8. By optimizing the DSP data to make the human voice clean, low frequency deep, thick; Medium frequency round, sweet and full; High frequency soft and delicate;
    9.Group DCA marshalling ≥ 12 groups;
    10.Auto Mixer intelligent gain channel ≥ 24 channels;
    11. Input signal RTA spectrum analysis channel ≥ 24 channels;
    12. Output signal RTA spectrum analysis channel ≥ 9 channels;
    13.Talk back temporary signal strong cut channel ≥ 1 channel;
    14. Non-curing Dante digital audio transmission interface ≥ 1 channel;
    15. Pink noise test signal frequency options ≥ 3;
    16.I/O double-track sound card ≥ 1;
    17.31 segment shown equalizer ≥ 9 groups;
    18. Customizable moving speed 100mm electric FADER ≥ 13 groups;
    19.UTP interface ≥ 1;
    20. Function keys with lights ≥ 75;
    21. Multi-function knobs with lamp ≥ 2;
    22. LCD OLED high-definition capacitive touch display ≥ 7 inches;
    23. The display faces the user at the best angle;
    24. All input/output channels can be customized title;
    25. Touch screen to facilitate the removal of the original, in the event of failure of the user can be replaced;
    26. Any optional integrated card (such as: 32-track recording card, DANTE card, etc.);
    27. Compatible with IOS/Android/Windows system debugging;
    28. The machine can enter the self-test mode to analyze system abnormalities before use;
    29. Set the password one-key lock function;
    30. With digital signal input and digital signal output functions and can be independently switched;

  • 1. Balanced MIC input channel: 24;
    2.USB music input channel: 1 channel;
    3.MAIN output channel: 2 way;
    4.AUX output channel: 8 way;
    5. Headphone output channel: 1 channel;
    6.DSP built-in effects: 2 groups, can be superimposed;
    7. Sampling rate: 48KHz;
    8. Parametric equalizer: 4 segments;
    9. With frequency divider, voltage limiter, equalizer, phase, delay, copy and other basic functions;
    10. Scene presets: 24 groups;
    11. Mono input channel with gain and 48V phantom power supply, each can be independent switch;
    12. Can be remote control: through PC or IPAD and other electronic equipment;
    13. Remote signal transmission via DANTE;
    14. The equipment has a module interface, which can be connected to multi-track recording module, DANTE transmission module, etc;
    15. Main output frequency response range: 20-20KHz,0dBu ± 1.5dB
    16. Main output distortion: 0dBu 1KHz <0.01%
    17. Gain range: 0dBu-50dBu
    18. SNR: 107dB
    19. Maximum input level: 20dBu
    20. Phantom power supply: 48V DC
    21. The maximum level of grouping output: 20dBu
    22. Headphone output maximum level: 20dBu
    23. System crosstalk: input and output-88dBu
    Adjacent channel-85dBu
    24. Noise:-88dBu
    25. Weight: 12KG
    26. Product size: 530*525*175mm

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