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"12-way mixer (two groups) -8-way microphone input"

Product model: MP1202ES

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Support 8 microphone balanced input, can provide 48V phantom power supply, support 4 stereo input;
    2. Support 2-channel stereo output, two groups of grouped output, both with 60mm Fusher independent control, grouping signal can be superimposed to the main output;
    3. Support 2 auxiliary outputs, of which AUX1 is an optional signal before and after the pusher and AUX2 is a signal after the pusher;
    4. Stereo monitor output, external monitor headphones or monitor speakers, monitor volume through the knob adjustment;
    5. With LCD screen, you can visually observe the current effect mode selection, display intuitive, easy to operate;
    6. Standard dual 12-segment light column level meter, accurately indicating the level size, with a signal selection switch, you can freely choose to indicate the main output, marshalling output, before the three kinds of signals such as the pusher;
    7. Output 7-segment equalization, ± 12dB adjustable, with straight-through and equalization switch;
    8. Built-in 24-bitDSP digital effector, 32 effects to choose from to meet the needs of various scenes;
    9. Using SMT chip technology, imported point device, pusher to promote smooth, making the performance stable and reliable;
    10. The input Senior high school is low 3 balanced intermediate frequency can be swept;
    11. Input each channel with main output MAIN, marshalling SUB, monitoring PFL switch, easy to choose;
    12. Each road with signal indicator, monitor PFL indicator and peak indicator;
    13.2 group stereo auxiliary return, convenient for external equipment;
    14. With recording output and recording playback input;
    15. External high-power power supply to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio;
    16. Optional bracket, directly installed on the standard cabinet

  • 1. Sampling rate: 48KHz;
    2. Equivalent input noise: ≤-110 dBm;
    3. Frequency response: 20 HZ ~ 20 KHZ( 1,-3 db);
    4. Total harmonic distortion:<%1 (rated condition: 20 HZ-20 KHZ);
    5. Equalizer: HF:12KHz/± 15dB;MF:0.25-6KHz/± 15dB;LF:80 HZ/± 15dB;
    6. Input channel equalization characteristics: low frequency: 80 HZ/15 dB;
    Intermediate frequency: 0.25-6.0 Kh/± 15 dB;
    High frequency: 12 KHZ/± 15 dB;
    Maximum gain at line input: ≥ 20 dB;
    Maximum gain at microphone input: ≥ 50 dB;
    7. Input impedance: microphone input: ≥ 1.0KΩ
    Line input: ≥ 10KΩ
    Tape input: 47KΩ
    Effect exciter input: 20KΩ
    8. Output impedance: total output: ≤ 300Ω
    Total monitor output: ≤ 300Ω
    Effect exciter output: ≤ 10Ω
    Card output: ≤ 10Ω
    9. Converter: 24-BIT SIGMA-DELTA;
    10. Effect types: 32 kinds of effects;
    11. Overall power: ≤ 40W;
    12. Power supply: AC220V 50 HZ;
    13. Case size (H * W * D):82*396*380mm;
    14. Packing size (H * W * D):180*558*440mm;
    15. Gross weight: 8.3Kg;
    16. Net weight: 5.5Kg.

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