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"Embedded Array Microphone (48V Phantom Powered)"

Product model: TM-310

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Unique modern design, touch button, high-grade array microphone;
    2. The best pickup distance is above 80CM. The desktop type places its own pickup channel and range. The hidden adjustable gain knob can quickly set up the whole system according to the on-site sound reinforcement conditions;
    3. There is no gooseneck design, the speaker and the participants can communicate without hindrance, and the speaker also has a better visual effect;
    4. Accurate control of the sensitivity of the effective pickup range can effectively improve the sound transmission gain of the system. No matter who is speaking, the sound pressure level will remain unchanged;
    5. Touch switch, simple and convenient to speak, super anti-mobile phone interference
    6. It can be connected to any analog processor system (digital automatic mixing system, digital audio processor, mixer, etc.) to quickly build a high-quality digital array conference system;

  • 1. Pickup output impedance: 200Ω
    2. Directivity: directional broadband type
    3. Sensitivity:-38dB
    4. Number of head: 13
    5. Maximum sound pressure level: 113dBSPL @ 1kHz
    6. Output interface: three-core wire Canon head
    7. Pickup distance: more than 80cm
    8. phantom power supply: + 48v10ma
    10. Frequency response: 120Hz ~ 20kHz
    11. Size (depth * width * height):63.5*284*49.5(mm)
    12. Weight: 0.6Kg

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