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"U-segment one-to-two wireless microphone (600 band)

Product model: UI-830-TT

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.UHF band, phase locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis dual channel wireless conference receiver;
    2. The host with head microphone to achieve the use of multiple occasions;
    3. Adopt brand-new digital pilot technology to completely solve the phenomenon of mutual serial frequency and automatically search for non-interference channel function; Adopt automatic hand induction technology, the microphone will automatically mute within 3 seconds after leaving the hand at rest, automatically save energy and enter standby state after 5 minutes, automatically shut down after 15 minutes and completely cut off the power supply;
    4. Built-in mute circuit to completely eliminate the impact noise of microphone opening and closing;
    5.100 × 2 channels, channel spacing 250KHz, with high receiving sensitivity;
    6. The microphone uses a unique boost design, battery power drop does not affect the overall performance of the hand;
    7. With adjustable transmit power and adjustable squelch threshold, the receiver is equipped with a squelch control knob;
    8. Standard: host * 1 head microphone * 2;
    9. It is recommended to stack 3-4 sets of single machine type;

  • 1. Frequency range: 640-690MHz(± 0.25MHz)
    2. Number of adjustable channels: 100 × 2
    3. Working effective distance: 100 m (empty distance)
    4. Frequency stability: ± 10ppm
    5. Receiving sensitivity:-95 ~-67dBm
    6. Audio frequency response: 40-18000Hz
    7. Harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.5%; SNR: ≥ 110dB
    8. Audio output: balanced output and mixed output
    9. Transmitting power: 3-30mW
    10. battery specifications: 5 battery 2
    11. Power supply specification: DC12V/2A
    12. Power consumption: ≤ 10W
    13. Product size (length * width * height):420*165*45mm
    14. Product weight: 4.4Kg

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