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"Current wall-mounted speaker (black)-(40W/100V)"

Product model: AK-240B

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1.ABS shell, thick box, effectively prevent low-frequency resonance, high bass level, sound quality vigorous and powerful;
    2. Rated power: 40W
    3. Maximum power: 50W;
    4. Input voltage: 70V/100V;
    5. Sensitivity: 88dB;
    6. Frequency response: 70Hz-20KHz;
    7. Maximum sound pressure level: 103dB;
    8. Unit: 6 "full frequency × 1 1" treble × 1;
    9. Size: 215 x 192 x 284mm.
    10. Weight: 3.35KG

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