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10-way mixer (with camera tracking)
  • 10-way mixer (with camera tracking)

10-way mixer (with camera tracking)

Product model: BS-6301C

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. The input port of each channel can select different input levels according to the different sensitivity of the input microphone, and realize the video conference by adjusting the gain of the channel separately;
    2. This machine has 48V phantom power supply, there is a choice of control switch, in order to achieve the phantom and non phantom microphone input needs;
    3. With RS-232 interface, it can be connected to external controllers such as central control, which is convenient to control the camera preset position of each channel, and has strong expansion ability;
    4. The machine has a balanced input socket;

  • 1. Control protocol: PELCO-D baud rate 9600
    2. Output voltage: output phantom 48V
    3. Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz
    4. Output current: 6.5mA
    5. microphone connection matching: phantom powered microphone
    6. Microphone connection mode: 10-way card dragon female socket
    7. Weight: 2.75KG
    8. specifications (length * width * height) mm:1U chassis 420*205*44

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