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10-way mixer (2-way chairman 8-way representative)
  • 10-way mixer (2-way chairman 8-way representative)

10-way mixer (2-way chairman 8-way representative)

Product model: BS-6301

  • Product Features
  • Product Parameters
  • 1. Ten-way microphone input, two-way chairman, eight-way representative, each with 48V phantom power supply function;
    2. Each microphone is equipped with 5cm-50cm pickup distance to adjust arbitrarily, each microphone volume is adjusted independently, microphone volume embedded knob design to prevent misoperation;
    3.10-channel phantom power supply microphone, Kalong female socket, all the way Kalong balanced output, all the way stereo output, all the way system cascade input, support for extended series;
    4. Self-contained anti-howling frequency shift function, built-in parametric equalization and digital frequency shift dual anti-howling technology, effectively prevent howling;
    5. The chairman and the priority representative can speak at the same time. When the priority representative speaks, the representatives of other channels will automatically attenuate-40dB. When the priority representative stops speaking, the other representatives can speak normally after an interval of three seconds;
    6. With normal speech voice control switch natural switch, when no representative to speak, on behalf of the system will automatically turn off the microphone, thus effectively suppressing howling;
    7. Support any expansion of concatenation. After concatenation, the second chairman will be canceled and other functions will remain unchanged;
    8. Switch/indication: boat switch, panel power indicator, each microphone voice activation indication;

  • 1. Input impedance: microphone 8KΩ, system input 20KΩ
    2. Output impedance: balance: 200Ω
    3. Unbalance: 300Ω LINE 200Ω
    4. Input sensitivity:-38dB ~-50dB
    5. Power: 12W
    6. Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz
    7. Output voltage: output phantom 48V
    8. Output current: 6.5mA
    9. Weight: 2.72KG
    10. Specifications (length * width * height) mm:1U chassis 420*205*44

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