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Hotel Ballroom Conference Sound System Solution

The conference sound reinforcement system of the hotel banquet hall -- scheme construction

System Overview:
The selection of audio sound reinforcement system equipment in the banquet hall should be based on the functional requirements of the meeting place and combined with the actual building layout conditions. The principle of system configuration should follow the principles of applying new technology, reasonable system configuration, stable and reliable system operation and convenient operation.
The conference sound reinforcement system includes sound reinforcement equipment and sound field components, mainly including sound sources and its surrounding sound environment, the sound into electrical signals of the microphone, signal amplification and signal processing equipment, transmission lines, the signal into acoustic signals of the speaker and the acoustic environment of the audience area. Nowadays, the sensitivity, fidelity and power of the conference sound reinforcement are getting higher and higher to meet the needs of the conference sound reinforcement.


Demand analysis:
1. Sound without distortion, loss and other phenomena.
2. Reference to the national standard GYJ25-86 "Hall electroacoustic system acoustic characteristics index", the use of the standard language, music hall with a level of multi-function hall.
3. Set up a large-screen projection system, conference speech and sound reinforcement system, conference sound system, centralized control system, and reserve an external sound interface and interface signals for live broadcast by TV stations.
4. Configure conference presentation system, projection system and sound system.
5. Configure the basic mobile conference speech amplification system and projection system.
6. To meet the application of the simultaneous interpretation system, the wiring of the simultaneous interpretation system should be realized at least in the concealed project, and the line should be no less than two.
7. The speaker must be installed in a concealed manner, and the spacing between the speakers must not be less than the height of the floor.


Design ideas:
(1) According to the needs of the sound reinforcement function of the conference room, the sound source processing equipment (mixer, feedback suppressor, audio processor, pre-stage effector, etc.), power amplifier and sound box are configured.
(2) The power sequencer configured in the system can turn on and off the power of the system equipment with one key, which plays a role in protecting the equipment in the system, and at the same time has great convenience.
(3) According to the speech requirements of the conference hall, a set of hand-in-hand is configured, which consists of the conference host, the chairman unit and the representative unit. U-segment wireless microphone is configured to facilitate mobile speech and venue interaction.
In the conference room audio sound reinforcement system, the audio signals of all sound sources are first pre-amplified by the mixer, pre-processed, and then sent to the power amplifier to drive the sound reinforcement speaker, so as to achieve the realization of the entire sound reinforcement system function.

Functional advantages:



Application effect:
1. The sound has no distortion, loss and other phenomena, which can ensure the clarity and sound quality of the meeting.
2. By setting up large-screen projection system, conference speech and sound reinforcement system, conference sound system, centralized control system and other equipment, we can provide comprehensive conference services to meet the needs of different types and sizes of conferences.
3. The concealed installation method and the reasonable layout of the speakers can ensure that the meeting will not be disturbed by external noise, and it will not affect the decoration and atmosphere of the banquet hall.
4. The application of simultaneous interpretation system can meet the needs of communication between different languages and improve the participation and communication effect of the meeting.


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