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Airport Meeting Room Multimedia Conference System

Airport Conference Room Multimedia Conference System-Scheme Construction

Airport meeting rooms are generally used for various business meetings, training and education, volunteer and volunteer organizations, and temporary office purposes. The airport meeting room provides a convenient and professional place to meet the needs of different organizations and people.

Design Ideas
In order to ensure a good sound reinforcement effect on the scene, to ensure that the venue has a higher clarity, to provide more convenient and reliable expression for the participants. The conference room uses both practicality, convenience, diversity, advancement, scalability, openness, security ideas to design the whole system.
The practicality of the system: according to the actual needs to design the corresponding system, in order to meet the functional requirements and technical indicators on the basis of the requirements to simplify the design, adhere to the practical, fully meet the needs of users.
The practicability of the equipment: on the basis of meeting the functional requirements, the equipment has superior performance, convenient operation, simple maintenance and simple management.
Sound energy distribution is uniform: the sound energy distribution of each point in the whole hall is uniform, that is, the sound field is evenly distributed, which can ensure that the loudness of the audience in each area is basically the same.
Forward-looking technology: Considering the future status of the system, forward-looking technologies and systems should be used in the design.


Functional advantages
Through the sound system, the speaker's voice is amplified with high fidelity and clear, so as to meet the standard and demand of the sound pressure level of the meeting room;
The paperless conference system completes the functions of issuing internal meeting notices, admission guidelines for participants, meeting sign-in, meeting agenda and document distribution and sharing, annotation modification of meeting documents, meeting voting, questionnaire survey, one-touch screen, service call and so on through the network, thus realizing efficient meeting.
The central control system can realize matrix switching, power management, DVD player control, electric curtain control, air conditioning control, etc., and can easily and quickly manage all video and audio systems;
It can deploy multiple regional operation centers at the same time, so that enterprise users can access nearby with the shortest path, improve the efficiency of audio, video, data and other multimedia communication, and reduce data delay;
By configuring the matrix switching system, the transmission and distribution of various videos during the conference can be solved;
By configuring the recording and broadcasting system, it can support multiple cameras to record at the same time and support the function of remote live broadcast on demand.

application effect of the airport conference room:
Convenience: Airport meeting rooms are located inside the airport, making it easy for business travelers or teams to have meetings while traveling. No additional travel and transportation arrangements are required, saving valuable time and energy.
Professionalism: Airport meeting rooms usually provide high-quality meeting facilities and equipment, such as projectors, sound systems, wireless networks, etc. These facilities can meet the needs of various meetings, so that the meeting can be carried out efficiently, and enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the meeting.
Flexibility: Airport meeting rooms often offer room options in different sizes and layouts to accommodate meetings of different sizes and purposes. Whether it's a small conference, a large seminar or a training course, you can find the right venue. At the same time, airport meeting rooms usually provide flexible booking options, and the appropriate time and duration can be selected according to needs.
Professional support: Airport conference rooms usually provide professional services and support, such as conference room administrators, IT technicians, coffee services, etc. These services can solve the problems and needs in the process of various meetings and make the meetings run smoothly.
Environmental comfort: Airport meeting rooms are usually designed to be warm and comfortable, with comfortable seats, good lighting and air conditioning systems. This comfortable environment can improve the attention and efficiency of the participants, and help to better concentrate on the meeting.


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