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Conference System

The conference system includes basic microphone speech management, representative inspection and attendance registration, electronic voting function, automatic video tracking function separated from computer and central control, data distribution and display, and multilingual simultaneous interpretation. It is widely used in monitoring, command, dispatching system, public security, fire, military, meteorological, railway, aviation and other monitoring system, video conference, query system and other fields, favored by users.

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Meeting Hand-in-Hand System

Hand-in-hand conference system is a specially designed conference system, its biggest feature is the use of microphone end-to-end series connection. This system ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the discussion and that there is no confusion when speaking at the same time.

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Digital Hand-in-Hand System

With the advent of the mobile Internet era and the development of touch technology and WIFI Internet, Rattop Technology has successfully launched a 5G/WIFI wireless conference system, which adopts standard 802.11n technology and a wireless system with independent confidential channels to avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference, strengthen conference confidentiality and ensure conference security. The system has the functions of speech tracking, sign-in voting, simultaneous interpretation, multi-conference room management, dual backup and so on. The host is compatible with wired and wireless units, breaking the boundaries between wired and wireless. Widely used in conference rooms, multi-function halls, banquet halls, lecture halls and other places.

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Conference Microphone (Wired and Wireless)

Conference microphone is one of the important equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the conference. It not only needs to have high-quality sound quality, but also needs to have the characteristics of ease of use, appearance design, anti-howling function and easy maintenance to meet the actual needs of the conference scene.

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Surrounding the conference

The conference system peripheral equipment refers to the auxiliary equipment related to the conference system. These equipment can enhance the function and performance of the conference system, and improve the efficiency and comfort of the conference.

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Professional sound reinforcement system

Professional conference sound reinforcement system is suitable for conference sound reinforcement, multimedia activities, theatrical performances and other uses of comprehensive information resources exchange places. Leituo Technology is oriented to diversified use needs, combined with on-site layout and modern architectural features, and accurately locates scientific sound construction to ensure uniform and effective sound transmission to every corner. Fully focus on the diversified sound reinforcement needs of users, integrate their own advantageous resources, and use professional sound reinforcement technology and diversified product systems to meet the needs of various executive meetings, reports, speeches and stage performances.

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Exhibition Hall System

The exhibition hall system includes indoor route navigation, exhibits explanation, VR online display and other functions. Indoor route navigation can help the audience to understand the layout and structure of the exhibition hall more clearly. Exhibit explanation can provide corresponding explanation information for each exhibit, including the historical background, cultural connotation and artistic value of cultural relics. VR online display can let the audience visit the exhibits in the virtual environment and improve the information transmission effect of the exhibition.

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Shadow System/KTV

Integrating research and development, production and sales, its public broadcasting system includes smart cloud platform broadcasting, village-to-village broadcasting, highway broadcasting, visual docking broadcasting, etc. The conference system includes conference speech, professional sound reinforcement, conference periphery and conference tablet all-in-one machine. The signal control system includes distributed audio and video management, paperless conference, central control matrix, conference reservation system, and stage lighting system.

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