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Public address system

Public broadcasting system belongs to a branch of the sound reinforcement system, and the sound reinforcement system, also known as the professional sound system, involves the edge science of the three disciplines of electric sound, key sound and music sound. Therefore, the final effect of the public broadcasting system involves reasonable and correct electro-acoustic system design and debugging, good sound transmission environment (sound conditions) and accurate on-site tuning, which complement each other and are indispensable.

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Smart Cloud Platform Digital Network Broadcasting System

The intelligent cloud platform IP network broadcasting system is based on the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things environment. It adopts cloud computing, big data processing technology and distributed server architecture "cloud platform system". It controls the front end and terminals to access through the Internet or mobile Internet. It provides real-time and reliable audio broadcasting, paging and shouting, cross-regional, multi-platform management and other functions for large-scale broadcasting terminals.

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Cloud Platform Convergence System

Cloud platform integration system is a cloud management system platform, which can integrate a variety of cloud services, including private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud, thus forming a comprehensive cloud platform. The cloud platform fusion system has the advantages and characteristics of high integration, easy management, high reliability and flexibility, and is suitable for the scene of expanding enterprise scale and increasing business.

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Visual intercom system

In order to cooperate with the "Thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan for Transportation Informatization" and adapt to the informatization development of the expressway industry, the integrated communication command technology is applied to the daily management of the expressway, and the intelligent operation of the expressway is realized. Highway visual intercom command and dispatch system solution. Through the integration of intercom with highway toll booth, emergency help, emergency broadcast, monitoring and office communication systems, it helps the high-speed industry to maximize management efficiency and economic benefits.

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All-digital two-way IP network broadcasting system

The digital two-way IP network broadcasting system is based on the Internet protocol, which uses network technology to convert analog audio signals into digital signals and transmit them in the local area network. It breaks through the content limitation, space limitation and function limitation of the traditional analog broadcasting system. Diversified broadcasting function design has diversified broadcasting functions such as timing broadcasting, live broadcast on demand, multi-area audio distribution, high concurrency, low delay, constant pressure backup mode, etc. The system is based on the existing computer network construction and does not need to be wired separately, it realizes the all-digital network broadcasting system of audio broadcasting, video monitoring and computer network.

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Every village has a "big horn"

In order to improve the level of public cultural services and help rural revitalization and the construction of a new socialist countryside for digital rural construction, Leituo Technology has joined hands with China Mobile and China Unicom to build a "village-to-village" loudspeaker system service in many cities across the country. The system interfaces with the emergency disaster early warning information release platform, the grass-roots government information release platform and the cultural and scientific and technological publicity platform to provide real-time broadcast programs, realizing the functions of "three-level controllable, three-level broadcast, safe broadcast, superior priority, emergency priority" in provinces, cities, counties and villages.

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5G "cloud" platform broadcast system

The 5G cloud platform broadcasting system refers to the 4G and 5G networks with super coverage as pipelines and intelligent sound columns, intelligent receiver, cloud microphones and other equipment as broadcasting carriers to provide intelligent supervision methods for various management departments and timely transmit information such as policies and regulations, party building knowledge, weather forecast, garbage classification, epidemic prevention knowledge, emergency measures, etc.

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Highway broadcasting system

The expressway broadcasting system is an effective way of information dissemination adopted by the expressway management center. Its main functions include one-button help-seeking, two-way hands-free call, monitoring and deterrence of shouting, district broadcasting and call transfer.

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National standard emergency broadcasting

The national standard "Technical Specification for Emergency Broadcasting System" (GB/T38250-2019) is a national standard issued on December 31, 2019, which will be officially implemented on July 1, 2020. The standard specifies the technical architecture, functional requirements, performance indicators, safety requirements and other content of the emergency broadcasting system, and is applicable to emergency broadcasting systems built by radio stations and government departments at all levels.

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Analog broadcasting system

Analog broadcasting system uses analog technology, the sound quality is slightly inferior to that of digital broadcasting system, but the price is cheaper than that of digital broadcasting system. The main characteristics of analog broadcasting system are low price, easy maintenance and wide application range.

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Teaching sound reinforcement system

An instructional sound reinforcement system is an educational sound system specifically designed to provide balanced, clear sound amplification in places such as classrooms or conference rooms. characteristics. It needs to be matched with microphones, speakers and other equipment. After the construction is completed, it will help improve the sound quality and volume of multimedia teaching, and realize the function of easy and free speech and teaching.

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