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Distributed audio and video management system

The distributed audio and video management system is a modern platform dominated by command technology and information technology, integrating audio processing, video splicing, environmental monitoring and other functions. Support audio and video signal multi-point sharing, mobile terminal preview control, audio and video network interactive communication and other functions. It is mainly used in business scenarios such as command center, dispatch control center, conference room cluster, monitoring center, and conference center.

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Distributed system

Focusing on the new ecology of the development of the digital economy industry, RattopTechnology's distributed audio and video management system came into being, providing a new concept of management and control platform for audio and video signals combining software and hardware such as acquisition and coding, transmission and exchange, visual interaction, management collaboration and command and dispatch. It can carry out centralized management of multi-point and multi-point signal sources, integrate audio, video, control and Internet of Things management, realize synchronous transmission of audio, video and control network, and manage information interconnection and data sharing of each link.

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KVM work and rest management system

Integrating research and development, production and sales, its public broadcasting system includes smart cloud platform broadcasting, village-to-village broadcasting, highway broadcasting, visual docking broadcasting, etc. The conference system includes conference speech, professional sound reinforcement, conference periphery and conference tablet all-in-one machine. The signal control system includes distributed audio and video management, paperless conference, central control matrix, conference reservation system, and stage lighting system.

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Central Control/Matrix

With the continuous updating and reform of social information technology, various audio-visual facilities, Internet of things products, multimedia equipment into the daily. Traditional operations are becoming more and more cumbersome, and the demand for centralized management systems is becoming stronger. The emergence of Leituo Technology's intelligent central control system makes all this easier. The system connects multiple independent subsystems in series, and uses Internet of Things technology, Network technology, automatic control and other technologies to carry out efficient centralized management of facilities, and one-key control of terminal equipment, significantly improve the centralized management and control capabilities of sound, light, electricity, vision, communication and other equipment.

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