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Lighting system

Using stage lighting equipment (such as lighting fixtures, slides, control systems, etc.) and technical means, with the development of the plot, with the light color and its changes, display the environment, render the atmosphere, highlight the central characters, create a sense of stage space and time, shape the external image of the stage performance, and provide the necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, clouds, water, lightning).

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Stage Lighting

According to the development of the plot, the characters and specific scenes are rendered visually, and the design intention is reproduced to the audience as a visual image. The stage lighting system of Leituo Technology fully considers the performance and the actual needs of customers, and fully reflects the scientificity and practicability of the stage lighting system through the setting of light positions, circuits and signal nodes and the coordination of the building structure. Use modern stage lighting equipment and technical means to better shape the atmosphere of the scene and create a sense of space and time on the stage with the light color of the stage lighting and its rich and varied stage effects.

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Lighting intelligent control

Intelligent lighting control system can be widely used in homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls and other places to improve the comfort and efficiency of life and work.

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KTV entertainment lighting

KTV entertainment lighting system consists of a variety of lamps and control equipment, which can create a variety of lighting effects and atmosphere, and add more fun and color to KTV entertainment activities.

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Wisdom lighting

Intelligent lighting system refers to a system that uses advanced sensors, controllers, communication technology, etc. to intelligently manage and control indoor and outdoor lighting equipment.

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Integrating research and development, production and sales, its public broadcasting system includes smart cloud platform broadcasting, village-to-village broadcasting, highway broadcasting, visual docking broadcasting, etc. The conference system includes conference speech, professional sound reinforcement, conference periphery and conference tablet all-in-one machine. The signal control system includes distributed audio and video management, paperless conference, central control matrix, conference reservation system, and stage lighting system.

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