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We integrate research and development, production and sales. Our public broadcasting systems include smart cloud platform broadcasting, village-to-village broadcasting, highway broadcasting, visual docking broadcasting, etc. The conference system includes conference speech, professional sound reinforcement, conference periphery and conference tablet all-in-one machine. The signal control system includes distributed audio and video management, paperless conference, central control matrix, conference reservation system, and stage lighting system.

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Public address system

Public broadcasting system belongs to a branch of the sound reinforcement system, and the sound reinforcement system, also known as the professional sound system, involves the edge science of the three disciplines of electric sound, key sound and music sound. Therefore, the final effect of the public broadcasting system involves reasonable and correct electro-acoustic system design and debugging, good sound transmission environment (sound conditions) and accurate on-site tuning, which complement each other and are indispensable.

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Conference System

The conference system includes basic microphone speech management, representative inspection and attendance registration, electronic voting function, automatic video tracking function separated from computer and central control, data distribution and display, and multilingual simultaneous interpretation. It is widely used in monitoring, command, dispatching system, public security, fire, military, meteorological, railway, aviation and other monitoring system, video conference, query system and other fields, favored by users.

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Lighting system

Using stage lighting equipment (such as lighting fixtures, slides, control systems, etc.) and technical means, with the development of the plot, with the light color and its changes, display the environment, render the atmosphere, highlight the central characters, create a sense of stage space and time, shape the external image of the stage performance, and provide the necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, clouds, water, lightning).

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Conference management system

Around the basic work of the meeting, including customer management, meeting schedule management and venue management, the time and space during the meeting are digitally managed, the schedule during the meeting is broken down into vertical time intervals, and the participants are guided to provide convenient services, so that the participants can arrange their own schedules in appropriate time and space.

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Distributed audio and video management system

The distributed audio and video management system is a modern platform dominated by command technology and information technology, integrating audio processing, video splicing, environmental monitoring and other functions. Support audio and video signal multi-point sharing, mobile terminal preview control, audio and video network interactive communication and other functions. It is mainly used in business scenarios such as command center, dispatch control center, conference room cluster, monitoring center, and conference center.

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Audio and video digital products are widely used in education, government, enterprises and institutions, emergency management, smart cities, rail transit, telecommunications, power, manufacturing and other fields


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