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Qilu the first big Buddha scenic spot

Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon Scenic Area, formerly known as Qilu First Buddha Scenic Area, is located in the north of Jinxiuchuan Laozhuang Village, Nanshan District, Jinan City. Jinan Qingtongshan Grand Canyon is located in the south of Bronze Mountain in the north of Jinxiuchuan Laozhuang Village, Licheng District, Jinan City. Starting from the urban area, it takes about an hour to drive. It is more suitable for the whole family to travel and play together. In the scenic area, many scenic spots are planned, such as Qilu's largest Buddha, Chinese Longmen, Jiulongbi, Yuelao, God of Wealth, Zen plank road, glass plank road, Splendid Palace, Yinhe Tianjie, Yinhe Waterfall, Guanyin Temple, Fudi Dongtian and so on. Today, there is a saying that "one thousand-year-old Buddha, a visit to the fairyland, a trip to the heavenly ladder plank road, and a hundred million-year-old cave.

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