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Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Natatorium

Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Natatorium was built in 1987. The building area is 23000 square meters, the north-south span is 62 meters, and the east-west length is 118 meters. The museum has a 50-meter swimming pool, a standard training pool and a 21-meter x 21-meter diving pool that meet international standards. The water depth of the swimming pool is 3 meters, which can meet the requirements of swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and other water sports. In order to improve the sound effect of the swimming pool, we specially customized a set of digital IP network broadcasting system solution to meet the needs of the swimming pool.

Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium

Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium is located in Jihua Fifth Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Construction started in April 2004 and was completed in June 2006. Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium covers an area of 22.3 hectares. It was designed by the Environmental Design Institute of Japan's Sendaman Co., Ltd. The entire gymnasium can accommodate up to more than 9500 spectators. It is the main venue of CBA Foshan Dragon Lion Club.

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