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Engineering case

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Guangdong Unicom Headquarters Park

Guangdong Unicom has always insisted on promoting reform through competition, promoting development through reform, and constantly exploring and forging ahead in the new socialist market system. In order to better development of enterprises, is now a new headquarters park to meet the size of the office. The lecture hall has many functions, mainly to meet the needs of daily meetings, speeches, learning and training, staff assessment, etc.; the reception hall is elegantly arranged and has a certain space distance, so the design of the sound field is relatively strict, and it must be both in front of the venue., The sound pressure in the middle and back also has high requirements for audio quality. In order to meet the needs of customers for the sound effect of the multi-function lecture hall, the transmission of speech and human voice signals shall take into account the broadcasting of other audio-visual signals on site. According to the site survey, Leituo Technology decided to use the conference sound reinforcement system solution to build the project.

South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park

The South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park is a new platform for industrial development jointly built by the two cities of Dongguan and Shaoxing. It is the main battlefield for the second round of Dongguan counterpart assistance to expand the capacity and increase efficiency of the park. As the core area of the supporting area of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt on the west bank of the Pearl River, the industrial park relies on the advantages of Baowu Group's special steel industry, and is committed to cultivating and developing four major industries, including basic parts, auto parts, complete equipment manufacturing and equipment services. Special steel industry chain ecological circle professional park.

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