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Engineering case

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Henan Puyang Garbage Treatment Plant

With the process of urbanization, Puyang Municipal Waste Treatment Plant is facing increasing waste disposal tasks. In order to effectively manage and improve work efficiency, waste treatment plants need an advanced communication system to achieve intercom and broadcast functions. However, the traditional intercom and broadcast systems have some shortcomings in signal coverage and information transmission, and a new broadcast system is needed to meet their needs.

Zhengzhou Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park

As an important part of the development of high-tech new city, Zhengzhou Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park will effectively promote the expansion of the new area, make an important contribution to speeding up the construction of the new area, and effectively promote the rapid economic and social development of the high-tech zone. Zhengzhou Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park is a large-scale industrial park integrating electronic and electrical design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. There are many enterprises in the area and a large number of employees. It needs an efficient digital IP network broadcasting system to effectively transmit information and improve communication efficiency.

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