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Hilton Qingyuan Huanpeng Hotel

Qingyuan Qingxin Hilton Huanpeng Hotel is located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, a national excellent tourist city with beautiful scenery. It is adjacent to Taihe Ancient Cave, a national 4A scenic spot. It has rich natural landscape and superior geographical location. Entertainment, shopping and food are all at hand. The hotel has more than 100 comfortable guest rooms and is equipped with modern elite meeting rooms, Lexong gym and buffet breakfast. In order to better meet the needs of customers and improve the sound service quality of the hotel, Leituo Technology, as a service provider in the audio industry for more than ten years, was invited to design a set of intelligent broadcasting system and conference sound reinforcement system solutions for the hotel.

Kailiad Hotel Shenzhen

The hotel has more than 100 comfortable and bright rooms with intelligent voice system, and robot non-contact service. The pursuit of the ultimate service, the construction of high school end hotel. The Keriad Hotel aims to serve guests, create a comfortable environment and reap the satisfaction of guests. In the construction of the Kailiad Hotel in Longgang, Shenzhen, the project requires the integration of the broadcasting system to provide the comfort and safety of the hotel. It is required to have background music broadcasting, linkage with fire fighting system, different floors can play different music at the same time, partition alarm and other broadcasting functions.

Shenzhen Bantian Yunzhus Hotel

Shenzhen Yunzhu Hotel is located in Jiahua Linghui Square, Bantian Commercial Center District. The main body of the hotel is 23 floors high and has a total construction area of about 13000 square meters. Shenzhen Bantian Yunzhuhotel is a high-end business hotel located in Shenzhen, famous for its unique design and excellent service. In order to provide a better conference experience, the hotel decided to cooperate with Rattop Technology to create a conference sound reinforcement system based on the latest technology to provide customers with a high-quality conference environment.

China Grand Hotel

In the renovation of the broadcasting system of China Hotel, Rattop Intelligent Broadcasting System was selected. Later, the conference equipment of the hotel was upgraded, and the conference sound reinforcement system of Rattop Technology was selected. At the same time, sound projects for many large-scale public welfare activities were provided. Intelligent broadcasting system is based on intelligent programmer as the core host, can be timed automatic broadcast, super automatic control of programming, can also run offline;

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