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Hainan Anning Hospital

Hainan Anning Hospital (formerly Hainan Provincial Psychiatric Hospital) is a psychiatric Junior College hospital founded in 1960. Many academic conferences and training activities of the hospital are carried out here. The conference hall of Hainan Anning Hospital is an important speech place. In order to improve the quality of the speech and the audience's feelings, the hospital decided to upgrade the original conference equipment. After the hospital's multi-party comparative evaluation, the hospital chose Rattop to create a set of professional conference sound reinforcement system solutions to meet its conference needs.

Hainan Provincial People's Hospital

Hainan Provincial People's Hospital is a comprehensive tertiary hospital directly under the province, a comprehensive hospital with a high reputation. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the hospital and the demand for diversified activities, the frequency of the use of the conference hall is getting higher and higher. However, due to the aging of the original sound reinforcement system in the conference hall, the sound quality is seriously degraded, which cannot meet the requirements of the participants for clear and accurate sound transmission. Therefore, the hospital decided to upgrade and chose Rattop as a partner to provide professional conference sound reinforcement system solutions.

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