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Fujian luoyuan deta power plant

Fuzhou Deta Power Technology Co., Ltd. (AGG) is a global power generation equipment manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing and distribution. Relying on advanced application and engineering technology, excellent design and service system, global distribution and after-sales network, the company is committed to being a global emergency power supply expert. In order to ensure the safety and normal operation of workers, a stable and reliable broadcasting system is needed for real-time communication and information transmission.

Guangdong Unicom Headquarters Park

Guangdong Unicom has always insisted on promoting reform through competition, promoting development through reform, and constantly exploring and forging ahead in the new socialist market system. In order to better development of enterprises, is now a new headquarters park to meet the size of the office. The lecture hall has many functions, mainly to meet the needs of daily meetings, speeches, learning and training, staff assessment, etc.; the reception hall is elegantly arranged and has a certain space distance, so the design of the sound field is relatively strict, and it must be both in front of the venue., The sound pressure in the middle and back also has high requirements for audio quality. In order to meet the needs of customers for the sound effect of the multi-function lecture hall, the transmission of speech and human voice signals shall take into account the broadcasting of other audio-visual signals on site. According to the site survey, Leituo Technology decided to use the conference sound reinforcement system solution to build the project.

Henan Puyang Garbage Treatment Plant

With the process of urbanization, Puyang Municipal Waste Treatment Plant is facing increasing waste disposal tasks. In order to effectively manage and improve work efficiency, waste treatment plants need an advanced communication system to achieve intercom and broadcast functions. However, the traditional intercom and broadcast systems have some shortcomings in signal coverage and information transmission, and a new broadcast system is needed to meet their needs.

South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park

The South China Advanced Equipment Industrial Park is a new platform for industrial development jointly built by the two cities of Dongguan and Shaoxing. It is the main battlefield for the second round of Dongguan counterpart assistance to expand the capacity and increase efficiency of the park. As the core area of the supporting area of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt on the west bank of the Pearl River, the industrial park relies on the advantages of Baowu Group's special steel industry, and is committed to cultivating and developing four major industries, including basic parts, auto parts, complete equipment manufacturing and equipment services. Special steel industry chain ecological circle professional park.

Jiangsu Changzhou Waterworks

As one of the most important water supply units in the region, Jiangsu Changzhou Waterworks decided to upgrade its gymnasium and conference room in order to improve its image and service quality. In order to meet the needs of large-scale conferences and event venues for sound systems, Leto has created a set of professional conference sound reinforcement system solutions to achieve clear, stable and high-fidelity sound transmission effects.

New kinetic energy plant in Hukou County, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province

In response to the needs of the new kinetic energy plant in Hukou County, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, Rattop Technology has created a set of efficient and stable digital IP network broadcasting system solutions for it, aiming to improve the efficiency and intelligence of information transmission in the plant area. The system adopts digital IP network transmission and can be directly connected to LAN or Internet to realize remote control and management of information broadcasting. We have selected high-quality microphones, speakers and audio equipment to ensure high fidelity and stability of sound quality, so that every employee can clearly hear important information.

Jiangxi Weipelai Biopharmaceutical Factory

Jiangxi Weipelai Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the national new area-Ganjiang New Area Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology City, which is one of the first batch of key projects introduced by Science and Technology City. The first phase of the production base covers an area of about 60 acres, with a total construction area of 60000 square meters. The entire park has a wide range and is in urgent need of broadcasting to assist the company's daily management. Based on customer needs, Rattop Technology mainly designed the entire Weipelai Park and some conference rooms in the office building, and decided to adopt a digital IP network broadcasting system in the park and a professional sound reinforcement system in the conference room. IP broadcasting can effectively realize the sound coverage of the whole park, and solve the requirements of uniform sound transmission and clear and full sound quality.

Yunnan Dali West Yunnan Cement Plant

Rattop Technology has created a complete set of conference system solutions for the conference hall of Dali West Yunnan Cement Plant. The program covers the conference room audio, data transmission, signal conversion, control and other aspects, to meet the various needs of the conference site.

Zhejiang Hangzhou Banglin Industrial Park

In response to the needs of Zhejiang Hangzhou Banglin Industrial Park, Rattop Technology has created a set of smart cloud broadcasting system solutions for it. By introducing modern Internet technology, it provides an efficient and stable information broadcasting platform for the park. The system adopts cloud centralized control, realizes audio, video, text and other forms of information broadcasting, and can cover every corner of the park in an all-round way.

Zhengzhou Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park

As an important part of the development of high-tech new city, Zhengzhou Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park will effectively promote the expansion of the new area, make an important contribution to speeding up the construction of the new area, and effectively promote the rapid economic and social development of the high-tech zone. Zhengzhou Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park is a large-scale industrial park integrating electronic and electrical design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. There are many enterprises in the area and a large number of employees. It needs an efficient digital IP network broadcasting system to effectively transmit information and improve communication efficiency.

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