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Education industry

With the development of modern information technology, the construction of campus information has become an important part of the education industry, is an important indicator to measure the degree of modernization of education. Strengthen the construction of digital campus, improve the information infrastructure, enhance the ability of school information work, improve the information literacy of teachers and students, and better serve the education, teaching and management of the school and the learning of students.

Throughout the present, the construction of digital campus is in full swing. According to the actual needs, schools in different regions have different degrees of information construction. With the help of diversified, intelligent and interactive information products, they can build the future of digital campus and inject vitality into the education reform of the new era.


Campus Report Hall Conference System Construction Scheme

The multimedia lecture hall mainly realizes various functions such as various large, medium and small international conferences, ordinary conferences, entertainment performances, multimedia screenings, reports, training, lectures, synchronous recording of conferences, intelligent centralized control, etc.

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Campus Broadcasting System Construction Scheme

The digital IP network broadcasting system adopts the TCP/IP network technology widely used in the world today, and transmits the audio signal in the form of data packets on the local area network and wide area network, which completely solves the problems of poor sound quality, complex maintenance and management, and poor interactive performance of the traditional broadcasting system. The system equipment is simple to use, easy to install and expand, just connect the digital broadcasting terminal to the computer network to form a powerful digital broadcasting system.

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Campus Conference Room Conference System Construction Scheme

The school conference room is generally used for academic reports, small and medium-sized meetings, video conferences, training, organizing school activities and receiving visitors.

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Construction scheme of professional sound reinforcement system in campus gymnasium

The school gymnasium is mainly used to host various sports competitions such as school basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and other competitive sports. It is also used for multi-functional use such as gatherings and large-scale cultural and entertainment activities. In addition to holding sports activities, the gymnasium hall can also hold large-scale political gatherings and theatrical performances.

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