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In today's digital age, the conference system plays a vital role in the judiciary. The system uses advanced digital technology and equipment to provide more efficient, safe and convenient conference services for judicial organs. The application of the conference system in the judiciary, combined with the advantages of the digital environment, not only improves the efficiency and convenience of the conference, but also enriches the participants' experience. In today's digital age, the conference system will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the development of the judiciary.


Judicial organ report hall meeting system solution

The construction of the multimedia conference system in the report hall of the judicial organ is closely related to the development of the times and the actual needs. It can meet the informatization needs of the judicial organs, cross-regional cooperation needs, real-time and effective communication needs, and can improve meeting efficiency and cost savings. These factors promote the judicial organs to build a multimedia conference system, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of work, and better serve the development of judicial affairs.

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Judiciary Multimedia Conference Room

As an important place for judicial organs, multimedia conference rooms are used by leaders and employees to discuss and solve work problems. The requirements for conference rooms are getting higher and higher. Various intelligent systems are needed to ensure the stability, safety, convenience and convenience of the meeting agenda. And efficiency. Traditional conference rooms have problems such as unattended management, frequent interference by external personnel, use of traditional whiteboard writing, handwritten recording of meeting content, and poor stability of video conferencing.

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Solution of Sound Acoustic System for Meeting Room of Judicial Organs

The application of the conference sound reinforcement system in the conference room of the judicial organ can improve the sound transmission effect, improve the communication efficiency of the participants, and provide flexible volume and sound control. This is of great significance to ensure the smooth progress of the judicial organ meeting and the accurate communication of decision-making.

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Command Center Conference System Solution

The command center is a place for consultation and command during the handling of public incidents. It has the function of holding a video conference, which is convenient for leaders to listen to the situation report and expert consultation suggestions, and conduct remote command. With image access function, it is convenient for leaders to understand the scene. When an event occurs, the application system can be called to carry out prediction and early warning, scheme discussion, etc., to provide decision support for leaders.

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