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Sports venues

In today's digital era, the public broadcasting conference system plays a vital role in the stadium. The system not only provides basic audio communication functions, but also uses advanced digital technology to provide more efficient, safe and convenient services for sports venues. The application of public broadcasting conference system in sports venues combines the advantages of digital environment, which not only improves the efficiency and safety of the competition, but also enriches the spectator's experience. In today's digital age, this system will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the development of sports venues.


Solution of Digital IP Network Broadcasting System for Stadium

A gymnasium is a venue for sports competitions, performances and other large-scale events. In order to provide a good viewing and listening experience, digital IP network broadcasting system is widely used in the stadium. The application of digital IP network broadcasting system provides better audio transmission and playback capabilities for the stadium, so that the audience can get a better experience in watching and listening. It not only improves the audience satisfaction of the competition or performance, but also provides important support for the management and safety of the stadium.

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Gymnasium conference sound reinforcement system solution

With the continuous progress of technology, the technology of conference sound reinforcement system is also constantly innovating and developing. The new generation of sound reinforcement system can realize digital audio transmission, networked operation and intelligent control, and provide more high-quality and convenient audio experience for sports venues.

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