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Manufacturing industry

Today, with the increasing popularity of digitalization, public broadcasting conference systems are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry. The system not only provides basic audio communication functions, but also uses the power of digitalization to improve the production efficiency and safety of the manufacturing industry. The application of public broadcasting conference system in the manufacturing industry combines the power of digitalization, which not only improves production efficiency and safety, but also enhances communication and collaboration between employees. In today's digital age, this system will undoubtedly provide strong support for the development of the manufacturing industry.


Factory Meeting Room Multimedia Conference System Solution

As an important meeting place for government and enterprises, multimedia conference rooms are used by leaders and employees to discuss and solve work problems. The requirements for conference rooms are getting higher and higher. It is necessary to match various intelligent systems to ensure the stability, safety, convenience and efficiency of the meeting agenda. Traditional conference rooms have problems such as unattended management, frequent interference by external personnel, use of traditional whiteboard writing, hand-written recording of meeting content, and poor stability of video conferencing.

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Factory Visual Intercom Broadcasting System Solution

The IP network visual broadcast intercom system integrates the IP network digital broadcast system with the IP network intercom system. The main equipment in the system can be used as broadcast equipment or as intercom equipment. The two systems are compatible with each other to realize centralized management and unified control.

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Solution of Factory Digital IP Network Broadcasting System

In order to strengthen the management of the factory and create a comfortable and relaxed working environment, many modern enterprise factories have the need to build and transform a set of IP network broadcasting system, including factory fire safety, production scheduling and daily management of the factory, which is conducive to the improvement of the factory's usual work efficiency and the improvement of daily management. At the same time, the factory IP broadcast can play background music and commuting ringtones regularly to create a good working atmosphere, which can relax the tension and eliminate fatigue.

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