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Cultural tourism

In today's digital, public broadcasting conference system plays an increasingly important role in the cultural tourism industry. The system not only provides basic audio communication functions, but also promotes cultural tourism to a new level with the help of advanced digital technology. The application of the public broadcasting conference system in the cultural tourism industry not only improves the safety of the tour, but also greatly enriches the tour experience, making the cultural tourism more attractive. In today's digital age, this system will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the development of cultural tourism industry.


Solution of Public Broadcasting System in Museum Library

In museums and libraries, the application of public address systems is becoming more and more important. As public cultural institutions, museums and libraries bear the important responsibility of publicizing cultural knowledge, educating the public and providing information services. It can provide the public with a better visit experience and promote the realization of the goal of cultural inheritance and education popularization by displaying and disseminating cultural knowledge, educating the public and providing information services.

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Solution of Public Broadcasting System in Park Scenic Area

In recent years, the warming of tourism has accelerated the informatization construction of parks and scenic spots. Especially in terms of tourist safety and scenic spot management, tourism units have adopted new technologies and new products to carry out substantial transformation and construction to meet the needs of the expanding tourism market.

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Theatre Concert Hall Conference Sound System Solution

Driven by the background of the times, the theater music multimedia conference sound reinforcement system integrates advanced audio and video processing technology, wireless technology and interactive functions to achieve high-quality, flexible and convenient music performance and conference experience. The application of these innovative technologies and features not only enhances the audience and speaker experience, but also promotes the development of the theater music and conference industry.

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