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Education industry

With the development of modern information technology, the construction of campus information has become an important part of the education industry, is an important indicator to measure the degree of modernization of education. Strengthen the construction of digital campus, improve the information infrastructure, enhance the ability of school information work, improve the information literacy of teachers and students, and better serve the education, teaching and management of the school and the learning of students.

Throughout the present, the construction of digital campus is in full swing. According to the actual needs, schools in different regions have different degrees of information construction. With the help of diversified, intelligent and interactive information products, they can build the future of digital campus and inject vitality into the education reform of the new era.


Distributed Audio and Video Management System Solution

The distributed audio and video integrated management system is dominated by command technology and information technology, and makes full use of modern communication technology, network technology, automation technology, electronic monitoring and other advanced technologies to build a data transmission network as a link and a computer information system as a support. A modern, networked and intelligent processing platform that integrates audio processing, video splicing processing, network transmission, environmental monitoring, visual control and other functions.

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Conference Speech System Solution

The conference presentation system includes a traditional conference system, a wired digital conference system, a wireless conference system, and a 5G WIFI conference system, which provides participants with functions such as discussion, voting, sign-in, camera tracking, and simultaneous interpretation during the conference.

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Conference sound reinforcement system solution

The conference sound reinforcement system includes sound reinforcement equipment and sound field components, mainly including sound sources and its surrounding sound environment, the sound into electrical signals of the microphone, signal amplification and signal processing equipment, transmission lines, the signal into acoustic signals of the speaker and the acoustic environment of the audience area. Nowadays, the sensitivity, fidelity and power of the conference sound reinforcement are getting higher and higher to meet the needs of the conference sound reinforcement.

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System Solution of Conference Recording and Broadcasting System

The conference recording and broadcasting system mainly uses the recording and broadcasting host with various audio and video equipment to realize real-time recording of various materials such as the speeches of the conference personnel and the conference process in the conference. It can also allow people outside the conference hall to remotely access the recording and broadcasting host through mobile phones or computers through web pages to watch in real time and participate in the conference remotely, thus meeting the use needs of many enterprises.

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