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Factory Meeting Room Multimedia Conference System Solution

Factory conference room multimedia conference system-scheme construction

System Overview:
As an important meeting place for government and enterprises, multimedia conference rooms are used by leaders and employees to discuss and solve work problems. The requirements for conference rooms are getting higher and higher. It is necessary to match various intelligent systems to ensure the stability, safety, convenience and efficiency of the meeting agenda. Traditional conference rooms have problems such as unattended management, frequent interference by external personnel, use of traditional whiteboard writing, hand-written recording of meeting content, and poor stability of video conferencing.


Demand analysis:
Conference room for language sound is mainly clarity and intelligibility requirements, but also requires a certain degree of loudness, so that it sounds effortless. At the same time, the spectrum is required to be balanced and not distorted. For music, in addition to the requirements of clarity and loudness, there are also requirements for fullness, space and balance. It is generally believed that good sound quality should have appropriate loudness; it has a certain sense of space; it has good timbre (that is, low, medium and high frequency parts are well balanced, and the timbre is not distorted or distorted). Therefore, the sound quality of the sound reinforcement system has the following requirements:
The fullness of the sound: fullness refers to the enhancement and contrast effect of the direct sound due to the reflection of each interface when listening to the sound in the hall. An acoustically designed hall should feel thick, round, warm and elastic, with a sense of intimacy. Therefore, we strive to make the electric sound reinforcement system of the multi-function hall work in the full field, from the acoustic point of view, it should have sufficient loudness and brightness, medium and high frequency sound is appropriate, bright but not stinging, medium and low frequency energy is sufficient, and the transient response is good. What a great.
The bright and clear sound: the bright and clear sound mainly refers to the high-frequency components in the sound, and the attenuation is slow, and there are rich high-order harmonics. This is of great help to the expression of language and the level of music, giving the audience a feeling of clarity and transparency, just like a Tan Qingshui, looking to the end. What a great.
Sound energy distribution is uniform: the sound energy distribution of each point in the whole hall is uniform, that is, the sound field is evenly distributed, which can ensure that the loudness of the audience in each area is basically the same. In the hall with uniform sound field, the difference between the maximum sound pressure level and the minimum sound pressure level shall not exceed 6dB, and the difference between the maximum sound pressure level (or the minimum sound pressure level) and the average sound pressure level shall not exceed 3dB. In the sound quality design, the following measures can be taken to make the sound fully diffused, and the sound energy distribution is relatively uniform. And so much.
Appropriate reverberation time: the quality of the hall is very close to the reverberation time. Choosing the right reverberation time can improve the clarity of speech and the fullness of timbre. The near-reflection sound helps to strengthen the direct sound, especially the reflection sound from the side wall in the hall, which plays an important role in the sense of space and the sense of the sound. In large halls, near-subreflection sound can be used to make the sound field uniform. And so much.
Control of noise and feedback: in the design of the hall sound reinforcement system, the most headache is the background noise of the system and the feedback feedback of the microphone. In terms of sound construction, as the target place is irregular cuboid, it is easy to form the generation condition of simple standing wave. Therefore, we suggest that the owner should fully consider the design of sound construction materials and use surface decorations with appropriate sound absorption coefficient when decorating the hall, in order to obtain moderate early reflection sound, avoid harmful reflection sound, and reduce the sound field conditions of acoustic feedback.


Design ideas:
Equipment selection is based on the principles of international advanced, economically reasonable, safe and reliable use, convenient and fast maintenance. Ensure a good on-site sound reinforcement effect, ensure that the venue has a higher clarity, and provide more, more convenient and reliable expressions for the participants. We design the whole system with the idea of practicality, convenience, diversity, advancement, scalability, openness and security.
• Practicality:
To the maximum extent to meet the requirements of the actual work, to meet the user's business management as the first element of consideration, the use of centralized management and control mode. According to the actual needs to design the corresponding system, on the basis of meeting the functional requirements and technical indicators as far as possible to simplify the design, adhere to the practical, fully meet the needs of users.
Expandable from charge, maintainability:
To reserve space for the future upgrade of the system, system maintenance is the largest proportion of the entire system life cycle. It is necessary to fully consider the reasonable and standardized structural design. The maintenance of the system can be completed in a very short time. The project should have a good overall audio-visual effect, appropriate style and style, all products should be selected from domestic and foreign regular manufacturers, and accompanied by a product certificate.
• Economy:
Under the premise of ensuring the advanced, reliable and high performance price ratio of the system, the most economical goal is achieved by optimizing the design.
• Forward-looking technology:
Considering the future status of the system, forward-looking technologies and systems should be used in the design. The system structure is advanced, open system structure and the use of scientific system, the whole system can reflect the development level of today's sound reinforcement equipment.
• Availability and flexibility of system equipment:
It can meet the requirements of actual work to the greatest extent, consider meeting the owner's management as the first element, adopt the mode of centralized management and control, and meet the functional requirements on the basis of convenient operation, simple maintenance and simple management. Pursue the best investment effect ratio of less investment under the premise of satisfying the function.


Functional advantages:
Eliminate space and geographical restrictions: conduct remote communication through multimedia conference systems anytime and anywhere, bid farewell to the cumbersome and complex problems of traditional conference forms, and improve conference efficiency 1.
Effectively reduce meeting costs and expenses: employees do not need to concentrate in one space, quickly conduct meetings, reduce business operating costs, improve work efficiency and work quality, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency 1.
Meeting security is guaranteed: the use of professional and formal company research and development of multimedia conference system, can make the enterprise internal meeting security is guaranteed 1.
Improve the efficiency and quality of the meeting: participants can better participate in the meeting and improve the efficiency and quality of the meeting 2.


Application effect:
Navigation service: you can quickly and clearly find the right space 1.
Perception system: it can intelligently control and judge the space state, so that the conference theme can be presented in real time; at the same time, the UI interface can be customized to realize personalized present1.
Space usage data reporting management platform: can make the space usage clear, can export the report of conference room usage in the background of the system, save labor costs, improve work efficiency, and provide basis for enterprise planning of conference room 1.
Promotion and dissemination of information such as announcements, publicity knowledge and emergency notices: information such as announcements, publicity knowledge and emergency notices can be promoted and disseminated quickly and efficiently 1.
Equipment control: You can use your mobile phone or iPad to control curtains, curtains, projectors and other equipment. There is no need for office staff to operate during the meeting, and the lights, projectors, etc. will be automatically adjusted.
Meeting Record: The video of the meeting is turned on to automatically count the number of participants and make meeting records. At the end of the meeting, indoor equipment and other automatic shutdown, a key management, to create a special meeting effect.



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