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Government and Enterprise Unit Building Broadcasting System Solution

Enterprise Public Broadcasting System-Scheme Construction

System Overview:
Government and enterprise units play an important role in serving the society, creating culture, providing employment opportunities, providing high-quality products and services to consumers and feeding back the society. The lofty mission of serving the society, benefiting mankind and changing life is the core of the enterprise's work. Government and enterprise units as the main important part of society.
Improving the efficiency of government and enterprise units, enhancing the vitality of the unit, and realizing the sense of social responsibility are important missions of government and enterprise units. The communication and exchange between enterprises directly affect the efficiency of enterprises; and the broadcasting system as an important bridge for enterprise information transmission continues to enter the government and enterprise units. In the era of information technology in the 21st century, it is urgent for government and enterprise units to quickly build a voice information platform and how to quickly establish a perfect communication platform.


Demand analysis:
Requirement 1: According to different regions of the enterprise, different audio sources can be played in different regions.
Requirement 2: Enterprise managers can speak independently to different functional areas.
Demand three: powerful fire control function, in the event of a fire accident, can alarm the whole district or district, avoid casualties, improve the safety of enterprises.
Design Ideas
Implementation requirement 1: different regions play different music, using the timing of the main server software or the studio function to broadcast the corresponding background music to each region.
Implementation requirement 2: configure the touch-type two-way intercom call microphone, set it through the two-way intercom call microphone interface, and set it so that each virtual key corresponds to different areas and different partitions, so as to realize the leadership office to independently call the entire enterprise and each department.
Implementation requirements three: fire management system, configuration of fire collector, when the fire signal input to the fire interface unit, the fire interface unit will trigger the alarm task, alert timely evacuation and protect their own safety.


Functional advantages
(1) graphical interface, easy to learn; touch screen operation, easy to use.
(2) Mobile phone APP remote control playback function: supports uploading files to the server, instantly playing the internal audio files of the mobile phone, and can be broadcast at any time through the paging function.
(3) Text broadcasting function, the system can directly convert text into audio files, and install the corresponding voice package to customize the sound on demand.
(4) File playback function, centralized control room and each sub-control area can be played through software selection files.
(5) real-time broadcast function, can be set every day radio stations, background music TV news, sports news, weather forecasts and other programs regularly collected, enrich amateur life.


Application Effect of Daily Enterprise Broadcasting
Improve the efficiency of information transmission: corporate public broadcasting system can achieve fast and accurate information transmission. Whether it is issuing company notices, policy changes, important announcements or emergency notices, the broadcast system can quickly transmit information to all employees or specific departments to ensure the timeliness and consistency of information transmission. Compared to traditional paper or email notifications, the broadcast system is more convenient and efficient.
Coordinate work plans: Through the broadcasting system, enterprises can broadcast specific tasks at specific times to remind employees or departments to make relevant work arrangements. This helps to improve the staff's understanding and implementation effect of the work plan, better coordinate the work of various departments, and reduce communication errors and work conflicts.
Enhance employee engagement: Corporate public address systems can be used to encourage employee participation in a variety of activities and projects. Through the broadcasting system, companies can publicize employee activities, recognize employee achievements, and provide opportunities for employees to participate in projects. This interaction and participation can enhance employees' job satisfaction and sense of belonging.
Increased security and emergency response capabilities: The broadcast system can be used for emergency notification and crisis management. In the event of a disaster, emergency or emergency, the enterprise can use the broadcasting system to issue timely safety tips and emergency instructions to remind employees to take corresponding measures to ensure the safety and well-being of employees.
Promote corporate culture: The broadcasting system can be used to convey the company's vision, core values and cultural ideas. Through the broadcasting system, enterprises can regularly publish company characteristics, cultural activities, employee stories and other content, enhance employees' sense of identity with corporate culture, and form a more cohesive team.

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