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Solution of High-speed Visual Intercom Broadcasting System

High-speed visual intercom broadcasting system-scheme construction

System Overview:
The visual network broadcasting intercom system integrates the network digital audio transmission system and the network intercom system. The main equipment in the system can be used as broadcasting equipment or intercom equipment. The two systems are compatible with each other to realize centralized management and unified control.
In the toll station of the expressway, the network intercom system is used to realize the intercom of the toll station staff to the drivers and passengers of the vehicles, so as to avoid the phenomenon of malicious evasion of fees by vehicles. In addition, the toll booth can be notified to the monitoring duty room immediately in case of emergency.
The system uses digital audio transmission and intercom monitoring integrated design, support embedded broadcast management host and server, support computer client operation. Intercom terminal all stainless steel design, anti-violence damage, with intercom and emergency help function.
Demand analysis:
In the toll station of the expressway, the network intercom system is used to realize the intercom of the toll station staff to the drivers and passengers of the vehicles, so as to avoid the phenomenon of malicious evasion of fees by vehicles. In addition, the toll booth can be notified to the monitoring duty room immediately in case of emergency.
Design ideas:
1. The principle of safety, reliability and stability
The stability of the system refers to the ability of the system to run continuously for a long time, which requires the hardware and application software system design to withstand the test of long-term operation. In the design and implementation of this system, the principle of safety and reliability is realized by the following means: the selection of main equipment adopts high-performance and high-reliability products; the key plate adopts hot backup mode; the design and implementation of the whole application system strictly follow the standards of China's communication command industry, so as to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the system.
2. The principle of advanced technology
Based on the performance of the whole system and the future development trend of consideration, the rapid development of technology, to maintain a certain advanced nature, the system can withstand the test of time, to ensure that the technology used will not soon be eliminated. In this system, the advanced nature refers to the advanced overall architecture of the system, the advanced host control system, and the advanced computer network technology. Make full use of the functions provided by the system software to build an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain operating platform for users, and easy to upgrade.
3. Economic principles
To grasp a trade-off relationship between system cost and advanced technology, we can maintain the advanced basic technology of the system at the same time, through the application of system independent development and other means, strive to pursue the optimal performance/price ratio, fully consider the total cost of ownership of the system, make the system construction in a relatively high technical level, and reduce the initial construction cost and later maintenance cost of users. In this project, we maximize the system performance, reduce the price of the whole system, and strive to make it the most cost-effective toll station emergency intercom system.
4. Scientific and normative principles
The highway toll station network intercom system is different from the general indoor sound reinforcement system. It is an advanced and complex comprehensive system engineering. It must start from the system design, including the whole process of construction, installation, commissioning and final acceptance. It is strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards and specifications, and completes the standardized design and scientific management of the system. Finally, the formal test and acceptance report and a full set of construction drawings and technical data shall be submitted for Party A's archive.
5. Principle of simplicity in operation and maintenance
The operator only needs some basic knowledge, and can quickly operate the system without long and complicated training. When the system has problems, it can be quickly recovered through simple technical processing, and the system upgrade and maintenance are simple.
The system is based on the graphical interface, as long as the operator is familiar with the operation of the Windows environment, you can quickly work.
We provide a complete operating instruction manual for the entire system, and provide strict training to the user's network management and related personnel to help users quickly master the use and maintenance of the system.


Functional advantages:
Ø HD sound quality: sound quality HD smooth, free from external interference, occupy a minimum bandwidth of only 16Kpbs.
Ø High-definition video: support 720P two-way video calls, support H.264, H.263 video coding
Distributed deployment and centralized control: the system is designed based on cloud computing, which can continue unified management of distributed deployed terminals (or subsystems) and realize remote management. the system supports multi-level server architecture and can establish (toll lane-toll booth-monitoring center) multi-level emergency intercom broadcasting system for expressway toll stations. Even if there is a network failure of the command center, resulting in the inability to connect with other toll station networks, there is no need to worry about the system being completely paralyzed, because the secondary network intercom management host configured in each toll station can act as a module server, and the equipment within the jurisdiction can log in to ensure that the equipment in each toll booth works independently and normally. The number of devices connected can reach more than 1000.
Adopt advanced audio processing technology: all terminal devices adopt hardware echo cancellation technology, which can well offset echo and suppress noise. The system supports full dual video voice calls and multi-party video conferencing functions.
Grouping management: the system supports grouping management. through server settings, intercom broadcasting terminals are divided into several groups according to regions. intercom broadcasting or calling can be carried out according to single group or multiple groups, and sub-control center control can be designated at the same time.
Easy expansion of the system: expansion can be realized only by connecting IP intercom broadcast terminals to places where IP can be covered by the network.
Ø Good integration: The system can seamlessly integrate with the user's existing video surveillance system, LED display system, access control system, building and other systems.
Embedded structure: the system adopts multi-user level management mechanism, which can configure multiple management hosts and regional hosts at the same time. The management host and regional hosts can run independently, and the damage of one host will not affect the operation of the whole system. The management system adopts the embedded structure to eliminate the virus invasion and increase the stability of the system operation.
Automatically run according to the preset program: the system supports automatic on and off, the server will automatically run the broadcast timing program according to the preset program when the server is turned on, and the screen will be protected automatically when the server is not operated manually, which is green and environmentally friendly.
Emergency alarm: in this system software, in view of the special situation of toll booths at toll stations of expressways, the company has added an intercom terminal in the toll lane to issue an alarm sound when pressing the help button in case of emergency, so that the personnel on duty can know the emergency situation on the scene in time through the alarm sound, and arrange personnel to go to the scene for mediation as soon as possible. In addition, voice intercom can be realized at any time between toll booths to inform each other of the scene.


Application effect:
Improve charging efficiency: through remote control and real-time intercom, fast charging and release operations can reduce the waiting time of vehicles and improve charging efficiency.
Improve safety performance: monitor the toll station area in real time, remind toll collectors and drivers to pay attention to safety in time, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
Improve service quality: facilitate communication between toll collectors and drivers, solve problems and concerns, and improve service quality and customer satisfaction.
Easy to manage: The administrator can monitor the work of the toll station in real time, master the daily work status and charging situation of the toll collector, and improve management efficiency.

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